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Darrius Jerome Gourdine

Chief Growth Officer

As the Chief Growth Officer, Darrius will be a face in the movement who will help us to drive revenue by connecting with decision makers in his vast network of contacts. Darrius a 1992 graduate of Howard University and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Darrius’ writing credits include the popular online soap opera about Black Greek life called As the Sands Burn (1998); the spinoff online soap opera called Beyond the Burning Sands (2003); From the Hood to the Hill: The Next Generation (2004); the Gospel stage play So How Ya' Livin Now (2004); the Gospel online soap opera The Saved & the Restless (2005); Jewels: The Story of the Founding of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (2006); Jewels: The Story of the Expansion of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (2011); Conversations of the Crucifixion (2014); Jewels: The Town Hall Meeting (2016); The Price of Freedom: A Son's Journey (2016), The Promise: Positioned and Prepared to Receive (2017); The Assignment (Parts 1-4) (2018).

Darrius Jerome Gourdine
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