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Sean C. Trice, Esq.

Sean is the Founder and Principal of Mesh Law, LLC, a business law firm focusing on business and corporate, government contracts, private wealth, and mergers and acquisitions. He serves as outside general counsel to a number of small to midsize government contract companies. He provides services throughout the lifecycle of a company. He assists companies at inception--advising, corporate structuring, entity formation, board formation, commercial lease and/or real estate negotiations and drafting governance documents. For companies in their growth and maintenance phase, Sean assists with raising capital, contract drafting, negotiation and review, legal audits, stock transfers, succession planning, and corporate policy. For companies in their “EE (expansion or exit) phase,” he assists with strategy, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, and “papering” the transaction through stock or asset purchase agreements, novation agreements, etc. 


Sean is a graduate of The American University Washington College of Law, admitted to practice in Maryland and DC. 

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