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Tammy Watson

Tammy is a realtor of over 28 years, vision coach, and author. She works alongside her real estate clients to assist them in navigating the real estate market in order to buy, sell, or invest. She has built a team of realtors in Winston Salem with a focus on diversity and inclusion. 


She is a philanthropist and donates her time and money to causes close to her heart. She is a pillar in her community and heavily involved in assisting women in her community to become financially independent and responsible. She also puts on a weekly FB Live show that encourages her audience to create and claim their vision for their lives. 


This way of living, creating and claiming your vision, is where the inspiration for “The Vision Within Vision Book” came from and is the first book Tammy wrote and released in the Fall of 2020. In conjunction with the book she launched a 12-week Vision Coaching Program where she has encouraged, coached, and assisted women to understand the 12 principles of life and to cast their vision around each principle. 


When she isn’t working or coaching you will find her with her husband, children, grandchildren, or little dog, Ruby. 

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